Word frequency table - add scrolling?

I have found where Word Frequency is now located, but the problem is in the dialogue box, there’s only room for one line of the table to appear at a time, which is kind of a pain (I’m on a laptop). I’m hoping you can add a scroll bar to the dialogue box so we can look at the table more easily.

Thank you for all your hard work on this software!

Actually, the list has a scrollbar and should be scrollable using keystrokes.
Enlarging the window vertically usually creates room to study the list.

I think Word Frequency deserves it own tab and tab area…

The list is scrollable, but the problem is that only one row is viewable at a time. If the entire dialogue box was scrollable, you could bring up the table so that it has the whole dialogue box to view it.

Just being able to see one row at a time makes this very difficult to use. A dedicated tab is an excellent idea.

Hi docmon,

What is your display resolution and scaling set to? Scrivener was designed with a minimum resolution in mind. See this post. (Devinganger is not an L&L employee, but I believe his post is based on statements made by L&L Support.)

While waiting for a response from L&L to this –

When you want to use the Statistics screen, as a workaround you might want to try increasing your screen resolution or decreasing your scaling - if these options are available to you.


Yes, I took that directly from the beta testing.

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I just noticed that L&L lists the minimum resolution for Windows Scrivener v3 at the download page:

I doubt very few people actually notice or take heed of it, but at least it’s out there. :grinning:


My screen resolution is set to 1920x1080, but I can’t see how that’s an issue. Whatever the resolution of the screen, most of the screen will be taken up by the stats above it, for word count, paragraph, etc. Increasing screen resolution or decreasing the scaling will only make everything smaller, including the text.

What the box needs is a scroll bar so I can bring up the table I actually want to see. Or give it its own tab, as someone suggested. Showing one row at a time for a table is just not helpful. Perhaps this dialogue box was designed on a huge monitor, but you have to think of the regular user using a 15" laptop and what they’ll be able to see.

For now I’ll just have to use an internet site for this. Can’t use that as it is.

My resolution is 1920x1080 at 100% scaling on a 24" monitor. Here’s what I see:

This is workable for me. Someone with a larger resolution / larger monitor would see even more of the Word Frequency table, although, as you point out, the text would be smaller.

But if I change scaling to 150%, the panel looks very much like yours:

At this point, due to the scaling change, the screen resolution no longer meets the basic requirement of 1920x1080.

Don’t get me wrong. I too would like to see this panel improved. In addition to the ideas upthread, another approach would be to allow the upper stats portion of the panel to be collapsed, similar to how it works with the Inspector, giving the WF table more real estate. Better yet, wouldn’t it be great if we had the ability to copy the entire Word Frequency table and paste it into another tool, for instance a spreadsheet.


A third option, which doesn’t exist as of yet, is the ability to copy and paste from this table into a spreadsheet. It definitely works fine for me at native 1080 height though. The dialogue comes up smaller, but I can increase the height of it and the result is usable. So I think we’re okay as far as recommended setups go.

You are, but I think the majority agrees that this feature needs more screen real estate using a extra tab or an expander on the Statistic data.

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Scrivener is not a republic, and the forums are not its Parliament.

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My laptop labels the 150% scaling as “recommended.” When I go to 100%, the type is very small, so I wouldn’t be able to write at that resolution and would have to change the resolution just to see the table.

And I hope Scrivener realizes most people aren’t working with a 24" monitor. I’m on a laptop with a 14" monitor. This is normal, and so your example at 100% scaling isn’t applicable for most people.

Still, I didn’t think adding a scrolling bar to the side of the dialogue box was such a difficult feature to add. But I’m not a programmer, so I guess I’m wrong. I’ll have to rely on a text analyzer off the web.