Word Import-Export indentation anomalies?

Apologies if this has been discussed somewhere before, but there are some odd import bugs I’m experiencing importing/exporting to and from the latest version of Word (16.61) into the latest version of Scrivener for Mac (3.2.3), in the latest macOS Monterey (12.4).

When I either import (via pull down menu command) or just drag and drop a .docx file into Scrivener, the indents seem to disappear. Or most of them do, which is all the more weird. Just for kicks, once the chapter was inside Scrivener sans its indents, I tried compiling it and opening in Word where (at first glance) all the indents had returned! What?..

Obviously it makes editing hard if you don’t know what the layout will look like in Word and I just wondered if anyone else has seen this phenomenon.

I’m concerned there may be other things afoot I’ve yet to note as well.

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Scrivener is designed in a way that distinguishes between how things layout in your writing environment and how you might want your output to look. For many, their text needs to be compiled into multiple formats and hence different looks. The Compile function is in charge of rendering your text in various layouts and file formats.

With Scrivener compile you can make the result look anyway you like. So, a compile format that, for example, renders your body text with paragraph indents independently of how you chose to have paragraphs look in the editor is no more surprising than having your text compile in a different typeface.

Having said that, I believe Scrivener’s Default compile format does render your draft “as-as”, so if you use that compile format you should get something suitably like what you see in the editor.

Why you incoming paragraph indent are getting squashed.