Word import suddenly fails ...

says it all - now getting unrecognised file type message — have tried variety of files … tried opening and resaving to remove any funny word thingies, no joy … why suddenly???

Can you send a Word document that won’t import to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com?

Well it wasn’t Word - shame I always like to blame Office!!! I was saving to a project that I had previously saved - and worked on - on a network drive (which the attentive will know is not recommended …) and it seems that bggrd the project a bit. I did a save as and re-opened the project and now all is fine. :blush:

That’s the trouble with Scrivener I find, it’s either the operator’s fault (me, me) or some quirk (we never say bug/problem/deficiency in Apple land, do we ??) of the OS. :unamused: