word-independent footnote/comment

Thanks for the diligent improvements to the product!

One request that I and a few of my friends that started using Scrivener at the same time have:

it would be nice for footnotes to be their own, word-independent objects such that they could be moved around and wouldn’t disappear when text is edited. For example, if I associated a footnote with a sentence, then add to the end of the sentence, the footnote doesn’t follow. If I want to move the footnote elsewhere in the document, unless I’m missing something, you have to copy-paste the actual footnote content. While this may seem minor, one of my friends that uses footnotes extensively in her work is agitated to the point of writing off the software, although I feel that is premature.


Inline footnotes may work better for you if the text is still undergoing major development. In fact they don’t need to be “attached” to anything. You can freely convert between the two using the Format/Convert/ sub-menu.

Worth noting however is that we do already have a battery of improvements yet to apply to linked footnotes that should make this all easier to manage in the future. Among the improvements:

  • Drag and drop to move notes to a new text anchor.
  • Select text and re-attach to selection.
  • Symbol-anchored notes, rather than text anchored (where the symbol is stripped out during compile).