"Word Lag"

Since upgrading to Mavericks and V. 2.5.0., I get “word lag” when typing. It doesn’t happen with every word, but with most. I’ll start typing a word and the program will freeze for up to a second before catching up to my fingers. I also occasionally see the beach ball, but for a fraction of a second. These things never happened with ML and the last version of Scrivener.

Any ideas?

I have a late-2012 27" iMac with 24GB.

Just to note that I am experiencing something similar this morning after the same double-update. There is a generally lagginess, which can be surprisingly uncomfortable, and then the occasional time when I will have finished typing a whole word before it appears on the screen. I’ve noticed the transient appearance of the beach ball too - would this indicate the auto-save in operation?

I have no other programmes running, and the same lag is not present when I’m writing in NWP. I have a 6 month old MBA 13".

For me exactly the same. Also after updating to Scrivener 2.5 and after installing Mavericks. In the old situation I had no problems, and I haven’t experienced this problem in other programs that I use in Mavericks. I work on a MacBookAir 13", I think it’s a model from approximately 2010. I hope someone can resolve this problem, because it makes me less happy using my good old Scrivener. Thanks!
Edit: I have been trying to solve this myself by putting off App Nap for Scrivener.app, but this wasn’t the solution.

Same here.

I fiddled with my settings a bit, because I’ve had trouble with the interaction of block cursors and fixed-width editors. That was fixed under Mtn. Lion (can’t recall what the actual bug was?).

By disabling the fixed-width editor setting (Scrivener->Preferences->Editor->Use Fixed Width), I seem to have cleared it up with my very brief typing test. Perhaps those of you having this issue could try that? My cursor is still set to “Use block insertion point of 8 pixels” in the Editor preferences, if that has any bearing on the matter.

Thanks Robert - I rushed to try it but it didn’t improve much and I still got the beachball.

Also just noted that no matter how I set the Compile main font it defaults to Devanagari MT - a font I have never chosen.

At the end of the day I’ll shut down and see if a re-start with the fixed-width disabled makes a difference.

I was just typing, and it seems my fix wasn’t a fix for me either; the lag is rather sporadic. So never mind about the fixed width editor setting.

Addendum: I did just open a sample project where I was testing this bug on an alternative user account, which I created very recently (but before the Mavericks upgrade I did this morning). Editing in that Scrivener window does not exhibit this typing lag. I’m going to try two things; quit any services (like TypeItForMe) that weren’t running on the other machine. If that doesn’t seem to work, I’m going to try to archive my Scrivener settings on my main account and see if that solves the issue.

So, this is ultra weird; I can reliably trigger the lag by typing “seeing”. Over and over, I get the lag after typing “se”, though it will complete the word after a pause. I wonder if there’s something going on with autocomplete or spell checking that triggers only on some words?

That could be “positional” or qty of possible matches. What happens with “return”?

I have no idea how completion is done, but if it is using a web service you might try turning off net access to see if things get magically faster.

I thought the same so I disabled everything in the menu bar (Pop-clip, aText, Yoink, etc; even Alfred) and it didn’t seem to make much difference. I disabled checking while typing too.

I’m going to try a few more pages with U3 just to make sure it’s not something wider.

It’s definitely autocomplete for this particular word that really triggers it. “Return” does it a little. I think auto-completion is the key.

My setup: In Preferences->Corrections, I had “Suggest completions as you type” turned on, and “Only suggest completions from custom auto-complete list” under it was also on. I have “In script mode” off.

For a few minutes now, I’ve tested with the “Suggest completions as you type” option turned off, and I have not seen any lag from any word. I’ve typed as rapidly as I ever do, and the symptom has not appeared.

So, it appears that Scrivener and Mavericks’ Text substitutions aren’t playing nicely with one another. If you can live without Scrivener’s Auto-Completions feature turned on, then you’ll be able to type without lag until it’s fixed. If anyone else can check this in their setup, that would help confirm if I’ve found the culprit or if I’m just barking up the wrong b-tree.

I haven’t worked a lot in Scrivener the last couple of days, but it seems to have worked itself out for my. I tried “seeing” and “return” and many other words and it seems to have disappeared.

My computer has been on 5+ hours every day since updating to Mavericks. Not sure if that has anything to do with it but others have reported “glitches” disappearing after a day or two of operation.

I’ve been running Scrivener on Mavericks for a couple of months now and have noticed no issues, although the latest GM seed does seem to have introduced some graphical glitches into the OS X text system. The main thing to bear in mind is that Scrivener just uses the standard NSText system, so this might be a Mavericks first release thing… Auto-complete or auto-correct sound like potential culprits, though, so I would try turning those off and seeing if that helps. Otherwise, if you can find any particular way of reproduction the slowdown, please let me know.

All the best,

For me, it reliably reproduces when I turn on “Suggest completions as you type”. I wonder if it’s some combination of that setting and another that I have set? Would you find it helpful for me to copy some Library file where my settings are stored? It’s possible there’s something in a .plist file or something that may be left over from previous versions, beta versions, etc… If you want any of those kinds of files, just let me know which ones, and I’ll be glad to pass them on.

That option is a bit of an oddity, as it calls the auto-completion on each letter you type after a slight delay. It may be that Mavericks’ auto-completion code is slower and thus causing the lag. I would just recommend turning it off. There are a tonne of things that are slower in Mavericks: Quick Look can take ages to show a preview, open and save panels can freeze, and lots more. We may just have to wait for some Mavericks updates for things to get faster again - it’s always the risk of installing any first version of Apple software (or using first versions of their hardware, for that matter). They’ve made a lot of under-the-hood changes to squeeze extra battery life out of machines, and maybe this is having an effect on speed that they will need to address, but I’m just guessing here.

This is definitely the solution for me. Now everything works like it used to. I’m looking forward to do a lot of happy writing with Scrivener today. Thanks a lot!

Just to report that I was working with Ulysses 3 this morning and I started to get the very same behaviour: word lag and the beachball - so that does confirm Keith’s conjecture that it’s a systemic issue. It seems to be a bit random - I was working for well over an hour before the I noticed the first sign of lag.

Almost every `review’ of Mavericks that I’ve seen so far says how much smoother and faster it all is - not in writerly-land obviously.

It seems to have completely stopped on my iMac now. I haven’t seen one beach ball today. :smiley:

I still have the lag issue, irrespective of what I turn off/on, but only on words that start with the letter S.

Occurs when typing or using dictation. Curious. Other programs are okay.