Word limits?

I like the writing function in Scrivener, but it bought the programme primarily to help me organize my research notes. I have approximately 600,000 words of notes in one long outlined Word file that I would like to import into Scrivener, split, and categorize using the corkboard and keyword functions. Are there any practical limits to how many words I can import – ie, does the programme start slowing down after a certain stage. I would be grateful if anyone could advise me before I begin this monumental task. Thank you.

Wow, I’ve never imported anything that large, mainly because I’ve never trusted Word with a file that big in the first place. I’d bet that initial import might take a little time, but once that was done you shouldn’t have any problems. Especially once you start breaking it down into sections–Scriv saves each section as its own little file, making loading and saving faster.

I’d say that my current novel project has probably about 300K worth of stuff in it now, with all the research files I’ve imported (not counting images, pdfs, and sound files). While I didn’t do it all in one go, it has been built steadily and I have no problems with it now.

Hope that helps!

I once imported the entire King James Bible from a plain text file, and then proceeded to split it by the “books” within. This was on my Mac, so I can’t say that the Windows version will behave the same, and the splits were a bit slow, but the split-up project now opens just fine on the Windows version. I think you’ll be fine.

Overall, I don’t think there are any limits on how many documents you can have, nor how many words total across all documents, so if you have trouble initially, try splitting your text into perhaps 3 pieces and then import those. But I’d be surprised if there is any real issue with the initial import of 300k words.