Word or Scrivener is creating .rtf files when trying to import and split

Trying to import my finished novel into Scrivener by using “Import & Split”. But, keep getting an error message about a .rtf file. And, how if I continue it could crash Scrivener.

I ran a search for .rtf files and it looks like the import process is creating a .rtf file for each of the chapters and then that is screwing up the process.

Does anyone have experience with this? Am I putting the divider symbol in the wrong place or something?

Derek Hastings

Scrivener’s native format is RTF, so that’s why your project contains one per chapter. Perhaps a screenshot of the error will help get to the root of the issue.

Does the project lack anything from the text of your novel, or did it have some issue with it in some way, aside from the error message?