Word position in document

Hello, I know about the total word count available for the current document/selection, but is it possible to display the word number of the cursor point in a given document? E.g. 34,512 out of 76,543 words?

Yes, the method of doing this is similar to the tool you are already aware of:

  1. Press ⇧⌘↑ to select all of the text from the cursor position to the top of the document.

The current word (and optionally character / page) count up to the cursor will be displayed.

  1. To return, simply hit the key to return your cursor to the right edge of the selected text (or where it started from).

Alternatively: Ctrl-click at the location you want to count to and select Writing Tools from the contextual menu. At the bottom you will find a word count. If there is a selection, it will show how many words are selected, otherwise it will show how many words there are before the cursor point, along with the total number of words in the document.

All the best,