word processor paragraph styles

Is there any good way to use scrivener with paragraph styles? Some sort of export trick I haven’t figured out yet? I’d appreciate any wisdom you might have.

From the FAQ

If you are using Nisus Writer, there is a possible, easy workaraound. If you used different character attributes (like bold, size…) there are chances this may work.

First of all, assign to all the text imported into Nisus the basic paragraph style (Normal, Body Text, or whatever it is called in your document).

Then, move the cursor anywhere in the differently styled text; in the lower margin of the window you should see an underlined, bold ‘a’ appearing. Click on it, and choose the “Select all” command from the pop-up menu. All text with the same character attributes of the current text should be selected.

At this point, assign the selected text a paragraph style (like, for example, Heading 1 or the like).