Word Repetition Counter

How many times did I write “is” in the last chapter? How many times have I written, “smiled sweetly” or “interestingly” or “however” in the full manuscript?

There are tons of programs that count words, but almost none that will give you a quick add-up of the words you repeat. I know so many writers who need this helpful feature. A quick google of “scrivener word repetition counts” will show you scores of writers bemoaning the lack of such a program and several blogs that show you that other programs have it: pagefour, changelog, Marked, Liquid story binder. The problem with these is that none of this software is a versatile or as helpful as scrivener. In fact, many of the blogs that suggested using these programs talked about “dragging products from Scrivener” to do the word repetition feature. Imagine it, though, a world where Scrivener did all that it could… No downloads of software that can only do this or that single feature that Scrivener doesn’t have…a world where Scrivener is the only reasonable way to write long projects… Ah, it’s beautiful isn’t it?

Have you tried the word frequency chart in Project > Text Statistics? It only counts words individually, not groups of words, but generally speaking that seems to be what you’re after. It works on the text loaded in the editor, so you can analyze a single document or multiple together in a Scrivenings session.