Word search in grey was better

In my revision process I often highlight sections in standard highlight yellow. With Scrivener 3 now showing the results of a search in yellow, rather than in the gray of Scrivener 2 (I assume it was gray, I’m color blind) it makes it more difficult to spot the results of a world search.

Hi UB40,

I’m on the Windows beta and the search result highlight color is configurable, so I would think it’s configurable on the Mac version as well.

Have a look in Options > Appearance > Colors > Editor.

In the Win beta, the item specifying the search result highlight color is called “Search Text Selection Background”.

Hope that helps.


As Jim said, it is configurable.

For Mac, it’s at Preferences > Appearance > Textual Marks > Search Results Highlights. Right below that is the preference for Search Results Underline which you might find useful as it can add more and/or different distinction.

Excellent. It looks great now.

Thank you JimRac and scshrugged.