Word target bar on full screen

I don’t want to be seen to be looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I believe the word target indicator properly belongs to Full Screen mode.

In normal mode, you’re already confronted with a whole heap of information, including an always-on running word count. In FSM, you have to interrupt your flow (albeit slightly) to bring up the status bar and check progress.

I, for one, would be keen to see an option to have a subtle HUD word target indicator floating around during FSM, to give an at-a-glance but not intrusive picture of where I’m at. I don’t think this would be against the spirit of FSM: subtlety, and an option to have it visible would be the key.

I also think the Apple control isn’t ideal for this purpose - the “moving stripe” effect is a bit distracting. But as for the concept and its execution: once again, I dips me lid.


Mebbe an indicator for every five thousand in the current session?



When I’m in full-screen, I just hit shift-command-T, bring up the Targets window, and keep it off to the side with my inspector window. I’d not complain if there was a way to get a bit of that information (word count, targets, etc.) into the Inspector window or on the bottom bar, though…

Largely because I think the Targets window detracts from the pretty black/grey feel of the fullscreen mode, and pulls my attention away from the work, somehow.

My sentiments exactly.

The “moving strip” stops moving once you enter word targets. First time I used it, I did wonder about the constant moving…

I like the idea of a more discreet version in fullscreen mode, though.

[Brief use of internet whilst holidaying in Norway:]

Whilst the targets panel looks a bit incongruous when used in full screen, so does the find panel and everything else. There simply cannot be a separate HUD panel for every normal panel element for full screen. For a start, they’d have to morph when you opened full screen if they were already open!

As for a document word count indicator in full screen… It would mean creating my own progress bar control, as the standard glowing blue one would not look right. Ultimately, I decided not to include it in full screen for now. Full screen was never intended as a complete replacement for the main window.