Word Target Features Forgotten?

Are us Windows users forgotten? Does L&L value our money but not our needs? I see this post from over a year ago - simplyscrivener.com/features … t-targets/ and wonder how come Macs get the detailed word target features but us windows users are ignored.

I haven’t owned Scrivener for very long. I’m still getting the hang of things, but I’m frustrated to see that this hasn’t been addressed in over a years time. I’m sure there is a perfectly good reason, there always is. However, this could really add some value to my software. I would greatly appreciate it if you would revisit the priority of this feature and add this in to my software please.

Thanks for something great, but here’s to something even greater!

They’re not forgotten, but sometimes what looks like a simply change on the surface requires very big and deep changes beneath the surface. In this case, this is one of the features that looks simple but has a massive reliance on the text editor engine you use – and there’s a significant difference between the Mac and the (older) QT engine used for the Windows version.

L&L are busily working on rewriting and modernizing the plumbing of the Mac version – and KB has indicated that as he finishes the specs and coding for sections there, he’s handing the specs off to the Windows team for them to implement. So there’s a substantial amount of work being done, but it’s the kind of work that all has to be done together, and they’re doing it somewhat in sync.

My understanding is that sometime in the near future (no exact ETA, so “near” is probably not as soon as we all would like) there is going to be a Scrivener 3.0 for Mac where we see all the results of this work, followed at some point by Scrivener 3.0 for Windows, where the two will be roughly in feature parity at that point.

There are many features from the Mac version that Windows users want, and each one has a different priority to a different user. The more advanced word targets will be added as part of a major (but paid) update next year, along with some other big changes. It’s incredibly unfair to say that we value Windows’ users money but not their needs, though, given that the Windows version has had four years of free updates so far, which have introduced some large features along the way, things that Mac users had to pay upgrade prices for. The Windows team works relentlessly to play catch up, but the Mac version has over a five year head start on it, and the Mac version is constantly in development too.

I’d like more word target features, too. But even the lowly Windows version of Scrivener delivers nearly infinite value, not only on account of its price point, but for the efficiencies that it delivers. No other tool ranks even a close second for facilitating concentration upon the main objective: writing; and upon the second: organizing. It helps me to keep my eyes on the real target. Thanks! k