Word Targets: Query or Feature Request

I have a draft folder.
In that folder I have 3 files: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3.

As I’m writing chapter 3, I have a goal of 10,000 words; 1000 words per session.

How can I have the target show 10,000 words when I am on Chapter 3, but when Draft is selected, have it show, say 30,000 words.

I can’t imagine this isn’t possible, but after searching the manual, the fora, and TakeControl, I can’t seem to find it.

If it isn’t possible, it seems a reasonable tool, not bloatware. Could it be implemented?

Thank you, gurus
Kevin (not “Keith”)

For the entire draft, you can use Project Targets from the Project menu.

For smaller chunks, use the document targets (click on the target icon in the right of the footer bar below the editor). If your chapter is a single text document, then just set the target for that item. If the chapter is multiple items in a folder, then you could either set smaller targets for each section, or the entire 10,000 word target to the chapter folder, in which case you would see progress when in scrivenings mode for that folder.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thank you for the reply. I hadn’t realized that grey dot at the bottom was a target icon. Is this the result of the Apple monochromatisization we both deplore? I should have been clearer.

I love seeing the targets’ change color as I churn out the words. I love the isolating compose window with the writing targets showing.

What I think I am after is that when you select the item “Drafts” in the left column the target shown is the target for the entire project. When you select the file Chapter 1 in the left column before you go into composition mode, the target shown is the target for the chapter. Then I can get the gratification of filling up the chapter without the angst of seeing how much more remains to be done for the entire project.

Perhaps I am still missing something?
Thank you

No. It’s a small area and deliberately subtle.

This should be exactly what happens, but obviously you have to be in scrivenings mode. Scrivenings mode combines the target for all documents in the scrivenings session.

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Additional point of clarification since you mention composition mode: the target you set in the footer for the individual document is not reflected in the Project Targets (or session target); you’ll see the progress bar in the editor footer. In composition mode, you will need to mouse to the bottom of the screen for this to display, though if you like you can leave the mouse there to keep it constantly visible. There isn’t a coloured progress bar in composition mode, however, just an x/y count.

Hmm. I think we are getting to the nub of it. The target window, that free-floating thing with two grow-bars, one labeled “draft target,” one labeled “session target.” THAT’s what I like. Very soothing and reassuring. But what I am suggesting is that when “document” is selected (document mode) that the top grow bar be “document target” and reflect the target you have set for the document within the draft. When “draft” is selected, that top bar would read, “draft target,” and reflect the target for the draft as a whole.

You recognize that chapters or documents have targets; I’m just suggesting that that very clever, very helpful, floating window be available for recording your progress toward the document target, not just for the goal of the entire project.

This seems consistent with the logic of Scrivener and the idea of a shift of focus from draft to document.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to these less-than-focussed suggestions.

The whole point of that panel is that it’s a project target, though - it shows how you are progressing through your entire draft. As explained, there are already document targets available via the footer bar.

If you really want to fudge the project targets into acting like chapter targets, you can, though: just go to Compile, select to compile only the chapter you are working on (by selecting the chapter folder in the pop-up button at the top of the “Contents” pane), hold down Option to turn the “Compile” button into “Save”, and click on it. Now the compile options are set up to compile only a single chapter. Then, in the Project Targets window, click on “Options…” and ensure that “Count documents included in compile only” is ticked.

Now, the target will count only that chapter. You will need to set the target for the chapter in the project targets panel, of course.

Now, this is a bit of fuss, and if you switch your compile settings then it will affect things, but then that’s because this isn’t really what this is intended for - it’s just something you can do if you really want to bend these features to do what you are trying to do. (The “Count documents included in compile only” option is more intended for when you are writing more than one book in the same project.)

As I say, the document targets are really intended for this sort of thing, though.

All the best,

Admonitions noted. But this IS what I want to do, and thank you. I think the word target floating window is a valuable tool, and there is no design reason to restrict it to showing JUST the draft in toto. But thanks for showing me how to fudge my way around it. I’ve done it and it works.