Word templates and Scrivener

Hi I am an happy Italian user of Scrivener since many years. Although I write in Italian I found that the very unique features of Scrivener are more than useful whatever language one is using. But I am not able to setup a Scrivener page according to standard Italian guidelines for scripts either short stories or novels. (standard editorial template). I have a .dot template that works perfectly when imported in Word (actually Word 2008 for Mac). Is there any way to import this .dot file in Scrivener? You surely say: no but you can import a .doc file created with that special template. Well, it doesn’t work. The only thing that is retained is the font (Courier new) and nothing else (Margins, etcoetera). Any suggestion different from exporting the text written with Scrivener to Word (already set with that template) as unformatted text? Thanks! Giovanni

I would open up the template in MS Word and examine it to make my own Scrivener template. You can make (and save) your own style templates. (Just make sure you remember where you store them.)

As far as direct importing, I don’t deal with .dot files, so someone else will have to answer how doable that is.

Carradee’s idea is definitely the best way of doing this. Scrivener can’t read .dot files, but you can set up a template in Scrivener that will have the same formatting. In fact, if you send me the .dot file (to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com), I’ll be happy to take a look, as I want to include more templates for 2.0 anyway. I can’t promise that I’ll get to it straight away, but I’ll definitely take a look.
All the best,