Word Templates from Book Design Templates

I can’t believe I am posting this. I hate Word. Current versions of Word for Macs and Windows are the worst applications in existence, bar none. Word is not only terrible, it gets worse with each new version. Did I say I hate Word?

Ranting aside, a lot of people do use Word to write or, if they’re smarter and write with Scrivener, they use Word to format their book, since it has more features in that area. The problem is that authors aren’t typically book design professionals, so the resulting print or ebook looks far from great. In fact, my typical comment about a book whose look I don’t like is, “It looks like it was done in Word.”

That’s why there’s now a website where you can buy professional designed Word templates, with at least some of them tested to pass Kindle and Smashwords submission.

Yes, they’ll set you back some money. From what I can see, typically $27 for an ebook license, $37 for a print-only license, and $47 for a print plus ebook license. And that is a per title charge. A multi-book license is a bit more, as is a commercial license if you do books for others.

But when you consider the hundreds of hours you put into writing that book or the dozens you might spend tweaking the look in Word, buying a professional template is likely to be a good deal. After all, your time is worth something.

You can find them described here:


Just keep in mind that I’m not endorsing these templates. I design book interiors professionally with InDesign. I’ve not actually tried their templates in my aging copy of Word, but their web site, their templates seem attractive enough. You’ll need to evaluate them for yourself to see if they meet your needs.

Anyone who’s used these templates might want to comment.

–Michael W. Perry, Hospital Gowns and Other Embarrassments