Word to Scriv to PDF to Scriv to Createspace - BLERGH

I’m a freelancer currently publishing monthly Kindle & Createspace titles for a large corporate.

At the moment my workflow goes like this…

1 - Receive Word doc from Corporate
2 - Import into Scrivener
3 - Export as .mobi for Corporate to screen proof
4 - Convert .mobi file to PDF via mobi-to-pdf.com for Corporate to mark with amends (which doesn’t work very well as it seems to add odd spacing between some paragprahs)
5 - Make amends
6 - Upload to Amazon KDP
7 - Create new Word doc from amended Scrivener file, inserting 300 dpi version of all images, then upload to Createspace

…what ways do you suggest I improve my use of Scrivener in this workflow, as I feel like there must be a better route?

Could you add some details on this workflow? You mention making a mobi and a pdf. Could a pdf not do as well, skipping the mobi version?

If corporate is reading proofs in a kindle program, could they not make amends in kindle, and share these out with you, so you could skip the pdf altogether? (I know one can make notes on a work in kindle and share them, but I’ve never done so, and so am unsure whether or how well this would work for a draft in-house.)

  • asotir

Corporate screen proof using the free Amazon Kindle or Kindle Previewer app.

They are ‘limited’ shall I say, in their technical abilities!

They are used to Word and PDF - I wouldn’t dream of letting them loose on Scrivener. (Plus I might do myself out a job!)

It seems, then, you have answered your own question.

  • asotir

I wouldn’t convert the mobi to PDF. Instead, I’d compile both mobi and pdf directly out of Scrivener using the same compile settings.

It does seem very odd to me that they screen a proof in mobi format, but then turn around and mark up a PDF. I must be missing some essential need for the two different formats, since they could screen the PDF and do mark up directly in that file instead of having two files to deal with.

Excellent plan - I didn’t think of exporting PDF direct from Scrivener - DOH!

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

And yes - I know, it’s crazy that they feel the need to proof both, but I think it’s their legal team ensuring that the US market don’t sue them!