Word Work

I wanted to thank whoever posted about the book, Word Work, by Bruce Holland Rogers. I’m reading it now and thoroughly enjoying it.

(I did a search for the title but apparently the words are too common to give me search results I could use, and versions of his name came up with nothing. My apologies for not finding the original post.)



Picked this up as a result of your posting. Read it in one sitting (though bound to return to it). Very good indeed - many thanks for the endorsement.


Glad you enjoyed it, Hugh. I especially liked it because of the non-canned advice for a working writer. Too many books on writing are written by those who don’t actually do it.

This one was worth my reading time, imo. :smiley:

You could try this"

google.com/search?q=Word%20W … 8&oe=utf-8


I’ll supply another vote for Word Work. I’ve only read a few chapters so far, but the experience and advice within are most valuable. Thanks for letting us know about the book.

While reading it last night, I started wondering if one of the reasons Keith is hanging onto 1.1 is that, until the version is out there, he has a really good reason to delay using his own creation. :slight_smile: