Wordcount could ignore annotations

Just an idea - I’m not sure if it has already been suggested around here somewhere. (Perhaps it’s already available and I’m just dumb. :wink: )

During my revision work I had inserted an awful lot of annotations in my comments. Since I try to keep an overview of the length of the whole novel and the length of individual scenes and chapters the wordcount is my friend. But it includes the annotations. It’s already possible to export annotations only, which is great. But would it be be possible to have an option like “Wordcount ignores annotations”?

The project statistics allows you to set this option. You can’t do it for the live word count, though, as that needs to be fast as it occurs during typing, so trying to calculate the stats without annotations would slow things down too much.

Good to know!

I’ve not used the dedicated statistics window very much, but rather minimized the upper pane as small as possible and have the whole novel via Edit Scrivenings in there, while I edit the current scene in the lower pane. That’s a great way to keep track of the live wordcount in the current scene and in the whole novel.

I can understand why the live wordcount can’t do this - thanks for the explanation. Will use the real statistics more often.