Wordcount display and scroll bar

Sorry if I make mistakes, English is not my mother tongue.
I never wrote my first draft on computer because I never found the right tool for me, but Scrivener is great! I especially like the fact that the wordcount is displayed and you can’t avoid writing by checking it. So I’d love to have it displayed in the full screen mode too. Would this be possible to add a setting to let the bar at the bottom visible in full screen if we choose so?
I know you don’t take suggestions yet but this don’t appear to need a lot of work and would realy be great.
The second thing that I miss is a scroll bar available from the start and allowing me to have the last line of my writing at the top of the window. I hate to look down to see what I’m writing and feel like there is no change wether I write or not, I like to see my page fill in with words.
With those two things I’ll just feel like adopting Scrivener for ever. Thanks for your work!