I’m brand new to Scrivener and still finding my way around. I’ve successfully imported a large section of a novel and am ready to keep writing. One thing I do need to know though is my word count. How do I check the word count for each section of writing, for each chapter or for the project overall?

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You should see the word count for the current section in the footer bar. You can get the word count for your entire draft by going to Project > Project Statistics… To get the word count of a chapter, the quickest way is probably to load the chapter in scrivenings mode (combined text mode) and use the footer bar again. Or you can show the “Cumulative word count” column in the outliner.

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I feel a bit of trepidation correcting the creator/programmer of Scrivener, but I’m reasonably sure that the outliner column name is “Total Word Count”, not “Cumulative”. :neutral_face:

Are we in for a column rename in the future? :wink:

That’s a great help, thanks!

So easy in the end, just knowing where to look! :smiley:

Actually, just discovered that if I highlight all sections in a chapter in Binder, it will give me the word count for that chapter in the footer bar. Simple.

Ha, internally, in the code, the method/function names are -cumulativeWordCountForBinderDocument: or something like that, so I was getting confused with the code. :slight_smile:

Given a choice between, “Total Word Count” and “cumulativeWordCountForBinderDocument” I think I prefer the former. :unamused: