The problem with such advice is that supply greatly exceeds demand.

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  • Its user interface is poor. It crams everything into one space.
  • Its spellchecker is poor, and its grammar checker is non-existent on the Windows version.
  • Its multi-purpose binder is poor and would benefit for being able to open multiple versions of it.
  • Its search options in the Windows version are poor.
  • It does not even give a proper set up option to create a series or collection of connected books, I have had to botch this glaringly obvious shortcoming.

My organisational skills are perfectly fine. I have been an risk auditor, a quality systems implementer, a business troubleshooter, a professional travel writer, and a teacher of Maths and English in secondary schools and further education. I have also worked in logistics operations managing hundreds of millions of pounds worth of stock.
If you find me boorish it is because you have leapt to the defense of a piece of software that I think could be seriously improved. My aim is to help L&L by giving them warts-and-all criticism of their software’s shortcomings, while yours seems to be to hang around their forum getting in a right frightful fluster when it is not really you am I interested in communicating with. Your opinions ARE your own, please keep them so, I am here to talk to L&L’s representatives and anyone who can help me, like username scrive. If my writing or tone has upset you, that’s your own shortcomings, not mine. Stop hanging around this forum taking offense at things that don’t concern you.

Thank you but I bought Scriv to get OFF of MS Office!!! The dictionary shortcomings are botchable, but I am just saying to L&L that they need to be improved because WORDS ARE EVERYTHING to writers. I can open the Scriv custom dic with Notepad++, same as I can open the Word and the OpenOffice ones.

Excel has its own problems, though, and MS Office as a suite of programs has an arbitrary limit on the amount of spelling errors it will acknowledge and track before it shuts that down completely. It is one of the main reasons I dumped it and Word. I have THOUSANDS of new words, so managing them on a piece of separate software would be a job in itself, and I want to keep everything in one location to keep the canon of information as accurate and clear as possible.

I think having only one workspace that has the binder, two pages, and also maybe the metadata column crammed into it is about as crap as can be. If people think I am being rude, I am being restrained!!! We live in an age of WINDOWS and TABS and Scrivener would infinitely be improved by allowing unlimited openings of each. I want to open HUNDREDS of pages at a time, and not have them all squished into ONE STUPID WORKSPACE.

I have split them into smaller books, that is what is causing the problem!!! I need to keep them all as one document because they are interrelated, interconnected, are not drawing from any extant style or form, and share the same huge dictionary.

But thanks all the same. At least L&L have a forum to come vent spleen on!!! I use supposedly people-friendly Firefox and used to use Firefox Notes for all my notes, and then one day Firefox auto updated to Quantum and ALL MY NOTES VANISHED!!! No warning, no help, no care. Just change and fxxx you, loyal user! Luckily they were stored as plain text files… Don’t get me started on Google Earth…!!!

But if you have a forum like this, it is sad when it becomes filled with fanboys like RuffPub. L&L should take heed of people like me, and shoo off the fanboys.

I do not follow the software markets deliberately because they change with the wind and the business strategies of its huge megacorporations are frankly disturbing at times. Tools should be reliable and practical and masterable, and not prone to changing arbitrarily to maximise profits and market dominance. It is lucky the IT industry does not make building tools and logistics equipment otherwise we’d all be living in caves eating the cockroaches!

Software distinctions exist until they don’t, much the same as once upon a time there were iPods and iPhones, then hey-presto! We have smart phones that do everything and even more yet to come!

I spend my days getting my head around medieval political organisations, ancient philosophical concepts, nuances of ancient languages, the craziness of dynastic power and state-building, the disputes of churchmen, and the madness of alchemists and gnostics, and plotting out petty lordships and great empires. Oh, and being a good husband to my dear wife. There is little time left for much else! I want a tool that works, not a botch job limited by someone else’s lack of foresight. The IT industry is the worst in the world for giving a crap about its users, I laugh when I try to imagine a hammer or forklift truck being made by them!

Who are you and do you have anything useful to say?

There is only Google Earth that ticks all required boxes. There are other programs, but they have all sorts of limitations. Google Earth is possibly the worst piece of software engineering I use / have ever experienced. It has two “Save” processes, neither of which work properly or reliably. It dumped its greatest resource, all the Panoramio users, and replaced them with an awful attempt at commercial exploitation. It moves around like a drunk driver on ice now, and is almost impossible now to use for the aerial archaeology I in part use it for. It is, in short, a simple idea gone horribly wrong!

Sadly it is also, for me at least, one of the most entertaining things ever invented!

True, it doesn’t have a “wizard” for someone to do this (it doesn’t have a wizard for anything, though, not its style) yet we have several posters in the forums who do use Scrivener to manage one or more series of connected works. There are a couple of different strategies for doing so, and there’s no “proper” way to do it – both have pros and cons, and expect the users to balance those for themselves. That’s more of the Scrivener mindset – give you the tools, not the kit.

Wait, why?

KB has a vision on the kind of program he wants to write. Why should he take feedback from people who aren’t on board with that vision? That’s exactly HOW you get software like Office, etc. – trying to be everything to everyone.

There’s no shame in trying Scrivener and deciding, “This isn’t the program for me.”


To get the most important thing out of the way. This is a user forum, the purpose of which is to discuss Scrivener and Scapple, therefore ANY discussion of either does concern every member, therefore ME. If you don’t like being responded to, don’t come here complaining and demanding Keith & co turn it into something that is not Scrivener.

I hope you felt good, listing your supposed skills and achievements, such as they are. … the fragility of ego. I could list my achievements, which make yours look a bit underwhelming, but won’t subject the other members to a p.ssing contest.

L&L should take heed of the thousands who use it daily to achieve when they make suggestions that fit with the owner’s vision. They are the ones who will continue to use it and recommend it, as opposed to …

Edited to take out a few things probably not best to pout on this forum


If you wish to share your feedback exclusively with L&L representatives, you can open a support ticket, here: Contact Us | Literature and Latte

This is a user forum, and all users are welcome to express whatever opinions they might have, provided they do so in accordance with the forum guidelines:

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I remember when I had several thousand hand-written pages to type up. Before I did so, I wrote very well without software. Words can even go on rocks, if it suits. I chose Scrivener. I whined. It’s not this, not that, entirely missing how useful it is. No program meets every need, nor are they even necessary at all. Yet, they sure are handy when put to use. I learned not to be so difficult with others, here and elsewhere, when I grasped (I grasped) that a hammer is a hammer and not a scalpel, and that I shouldn’t speak to people as if they are my servants because they made a thing I use.

I muse about these things about myself to myself, as I sometimes do in places like these.


I defy you to name a single modern logistics organization that doesn’t have an extensive library of software tools. Or a single commercially manufactured product that doesn’t use software at some point in its supply chain.

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I expect that you’ll run into the limits of your monitor space before you exceed Scrivener’s ability to open Quick Reference panes.

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Well Said!

I must try that sometimes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

you have thousands of new words already. how are you keeping track of them at them moment. presumably they,re not just in your head. my advice – to anyone – is to focus on writing the best work that you can within the constraints of what the universe can provide you at the moment. my specific advice to you would be to remember that readers won,t have whatever tool you have to keep track of all these words.

perhaps if you shared a passage…

Sounds like your complaint is that the hammer was poorly conceived because it was not designed with the capability of a forklift truck.

For those of us who don’t need hammers with forklift capability Scrivener fits the bill.

Stop pretending that comment smarted because you are some sort of programming wizard. For a man who likes to write - I mean copy and paste from Google Translate - in many different languages, your grasp of English is rather lacking. Stick to playing the lyre and forlornly wandering the Underworld.

Clearly you didn’t take a moment to digest the words from @kewms - a member of the L&L staff, about forum etiquette.

Sorry, but your replies are descending to childish and beyond.

Understand, L&L are not going to burn the house down and re-write 3 versions of the program on the back of your endless insults on the program and their capabilities.

I am in no way connected with L&L so have no sway, but would love it if you’d just wander off and find some mythical program that meets your needs.

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Then make it yourself.