Words being randomly capitalised

I did a search and couldn’t find any other reference to this.

I’m using the current version on windows XP.

I was typing this morning and all of a sudden the odd word began to capitalise itself. It has happened before but I thought it was some auto-correct thing so i turned of the check spelling and made sure the word wasn’t in auto-correct.

the sentence fragment looks like this

I deleted disappeared and typed it again and it seemed to auto-correct again then on deleting it a third time it worked. I cant replicate it by typing the same word in the document again.

It seems to be happening randomly,. i will try to make better notes on when it is happening from now on.

Warm regards,

Hi Jen,

Thanks for the report. If you do get any further information on how to replicate it, that’d be great, as I haven’t seen anything like this yet. One thing to check, off the top of my head, is that you’re in regular mode and not scriptmode–it seems a pretty long shot, but who knows. (With the document where this happened loaded, go to Format>Scriptwriting and see if there’s a highlight or checkmark on “Script mode”–sorry, I’m looking at Win7 now and I’m not exactly sure how it appears when selected on XP. You can also check the icon in the header–scripts are tinted yellow and have a three-ring-hole-punch look down the left side.)

Also, just to be clear, when you checked your auto-correct settings, did you use “View Personal Word List” in the Auto-Correction tab of Edit>Options? You could also check your substitution list in the same place.

I’ve checked those settings and it seems to be neither of them.
I’ll keep and eye out and let you know if I can replicate it.