Words from Text are Missing from Folder and Scrivenings View

I’m working on a novella, currently ~37,000 words, in Scrivener. This is my first time using the program.

My first chapter is a single text file in a single folder, nested in the manuscript. Like this:
___> Chapter One(Folder)
______> Chapter One(Text)

When I view the text file for the first chapter, everything shows up as it should, but when I move one or two levels up, viewing it by clicking on the folder or manuscript in the binder, I lose 465 words from the end. It is replaced in this view by a large blank space, possibly the length of the missing passage. Within the blank space, you can highlight (at the top only) what looks like two hard returns and a line with nothing in it. Nothing beyond that is selectable.

The same blank space shows up in Scrivenings view.

HOWEVER, if I switch to full screen in both folder and Scrivenings view, the words show up as they should.

Also, if I compile the novella into a .Mobi, the words are there, thankfully.

I tried copypasting the text into a new text file, but nothing changed. The same words are missing, the same blank space appears.

I’m wondering if this is a bug, or if there is something I can do to retain these words in all views. I’m worried about losing text, of course, since that would be disastrous with this project. Since I’m new to Scrivener, I’m wondering what I can try that I haven’t.

Edit: I tried breaking the file up into two files, splitting off the last 1,400 words of chapter one into a second text file, and things appear to be showing up now in all views.

Is there a maximum limit for text files? It was only around 5,000 words. I have some that are over 8,000. Is there something that would cause problems over ~4,000 words?

This is just a display bug in Scrivenings mode, related to the amount of text loading and the editor zoom (the percentage in the left of the editor footer). Your actual text isn’t affected by this at all, so you don’t need to worry about it disappearing, though I know it is alarming to see that white space in Scrivenings view! We are working on a major overhaul of the Scrivenings code for the next major version which will resolve this and overall streamline writing and editing in Scrivenings mode. For now, I’d suggest either working on the document in single-text mode or possibly breaking it into smaller sections, so that you can view shorter chunks together in Scrivenings as a multiple selection (so you could for example select the last section of the first chapter and the beginning section of the second chapter to see the transition).

That is extremely helpful to know. Yes, I was pretty worried. I’d moved all my work into Scrivener and the idea of losing so much work was… unsettling.

Thank you for letting me know.

For now, I’ll do as you suggest and start breaking my chapters down into smaller files. I’m looking forward to the update!

Again, thanks.

I’m so glad to hear you have a fix coming for this!