Words Per Minute

I found a way to increase my words per minute by almost twelve fold.

I just type A then hit the space bar (A is a word. A very short word).


Add in copy and paste and I could do easily over 2000 wpm.

(Ok where do I go to get my prize?)

Might want to check with these guys.

Not to be a spoiler or anything, but I recall from my high school typing class (we just graduated from chiseling on granite) that there is a standard “word” length for measuring typing speed. I just checked Wikipedia and learned that my creaky memory is correct:

Nevertheless, with cut and paste, you can still achieve remarkable results, so go for it!

just for a giggle, you could highlight them all, and then press space bar, thereby, transporting them all to Cydonia!! :laughing:

Here’s a way to reduce your typing speed, very quickly: break a finger! I don’t recommend it, though. It hurts.

I sense an untold story.

of Epic proportions

(maybe it is a three word community story…)