Words repeated.

I use DevonThink for my work and I like very much a function: Words. It opens a side window with the list of all words in your text. But also, and this is wonderful, if you select a word on this list it will highlight all the occurrences on your text. What for? Immediadetely and magically you recognize repeated words and the distance between them. This way you can change with a synonym or delete the repeated word, etc. An exellent tool for writers.
In Scrivener we have the same function of a word list. Go to the menu Projects and Text Statistics. You get a list of words (Word frequency) in your text. But if you choose one word it will not highlight the occurences on your text.
Would it be difficult to implement this tool in Scrivener?
Thank you!
Have a nice day.

This would unfortunately require redesigning that whole interface, because right now you’ll notice that when the statistics panel is open, you cannot scroll the text, so highlighting words within the text (most of which would probably be off-screen) would be of limited usefulness. Overall it’s not a bad idea though. One thing you can do right now is project search. If you type in the word you wish to analyse into the Project Search tool, you’ll note all instances are immediately highlighted in the current document, and any other document you click on so long as search is active.