Word's synonymes


I know Scrivener offers writing tools, among which are Thesaurus or Dictionary. What I found extremely useful in MS Word was the ability to see word’s synonymes without having to consult online resources. I haven’t found such function on Scrivener. Is anything like this planned to be included?

Thank you.

Probably not, as word databases like that are not very cheap. But as for how you tend to work, if you like Word’s take on this, why not just use that instead of going online? It seems like it would be easier to me to alt-tab over to an empty Word document and check your word there.

Another alternative would be to use a dictionary/thesaurus application like thesage, wordweb or artha (an open source alternative). All three claim to able to look up words from most applications, but I can’t really say how well they would work with scrivener.

Could Scrivener perhaps offer up some form of integration with one of these apps?

Thank you both.

I could (and probably will) use Word for the synonymes, it’s just I don’t like having too many programs open so I was wondering if there was anything similar in Scrivener. No big deal if there isn’t, good to know so that I can stop looking for it :slight_smile: .

WordWeb works fine with Scivener and W7 Pro.
Highlight word and use the hot key or simply click on WordWeb in Taskbar.

I have used this program for several years. Fast, accurate and small footprint.
Since it was just mentioned in message above I just upgraded with the link provided.


Thanks ‘Daniela Wolfe’ and Jim, just downloaded WorldWeb and it’s great!

Hello there,
Mobysaurus is also a very good free/donation thesaurus, and I just drag it’s shortcut from the desktop into my scrivener binder for a project. It then opens directly from scrivener.

Wordweb is a very good product. They also offer the Chambers dictionary and thesaurus which are very good but pricey. I find these products very helpful.
Be advised in the latest beta version of Scrivener Wordweb does not function properly.

It does for me.

I have tried Wordweb on two machines with the new beta version of Scrivener and it’s not right. But I’m glad it’s working for you which means the developers might be able to fix it for the rest of us.

Here’s the link on some of the issues with Wordweb and the Scrivener Beta.