Words Written Per Day?

Does Scrivener have the capacity to track the net number of words written per day over, say, the course of a week or month? (By “net words” I mean the number of new words after editing, trimming, etc. I always need to go back to omit needless words.) If so, I cannot find this function. If not, this would be a nice feature to add, serving as a constant kick in the butt to work.

Scrivener doesn’t currently have this facility. However, previous discussions on this topic have suggested that when AppleScript is implemented in Scrivener in some future release (as yet unspecified), this could allow you to write a script to collect and export your wordcount history information.

For the moment, though, I am afraid you will need to keep a record of your daily word count manually, perhaps in a spreadsheet or calendar.


wordcount_template.xls (207 KB)
I created an Excel spreadsheet to do this. It can keep track of two projects. In my spreadsheet, these are titled OrigFic and FanFic, since those are what I write.

It keeps track of your daily wordcounts, and also provides
*your Average Daily Wordcount overall
*ADW for each project
*days writing
*days not writing

It does this fairly intelligently, figuring out whether or not you’ve entered data for the days yet and calculating for the days in the month (and even leap year!). I hope you find it useful.