Wordweb and Scrivener

Wordweb Pro 7, Scriverner 1.6.1, Windows7 32 bit

Scenario One: I select a word in Scrivener and then press CTRL+ALT+W. Wordweb works perfectly. ‘Replace’ and ‘Close’ options are working on the Right bottom side of the application.

Scenario Two: I do not select a word, but curser is somewhere within the word. Then I press CTRL+ALT+W. Wordweb app comes up. But the ‘Lookup’ window is blank. The options on the Right Bottom are ‘Close’ and ‘Copy’.

Scenario Three: CTRL + Right Click on the word. This is my preferred method of working with Wordweb. But the outcome is erratic. Sometimes the word is picked up by Wordweb and sometimes not. But the options on the Right Bottom are always ‘Close’ and ‘Copy’. I want ‘Replace’ that is quicker.

It goes without saying that most users prefer CTRL + Right Click for looking up the meaning of a word in Wordweb.

I request that these issues are sorted out in the new update.

Is the selection event something Scrivener has any control over, however? By that I mean, the shortcuts and Ctrl-right-click events are not anything coming out of Scrivener, but rather something WordWeb is attempting (it seems somewhat not entirely) to implement at a global level. I don’t see how we could control what actions they take when you hit their shortcut combination.

AmberV you’re right!