Work-around for Speech-to-Text

I’m a Windows user still working in 1.9. My typing has been rapidly deteriorating over the last nine months and last weekend I found the likely reason – neuropathy in my hands, the right in particular.

Now I can’t currently afford Dragon, and I am uncertain about signing up for the Google app (which may not even work with Scrivener). There’s a Text-to-speech app in Microsoft Office, but I’m sure how well I can train it.

So I’m wondering about getting the most out of Scrivener when I can’t type reliably.

Windows 10 has ‘narrator’ built-in, I think. You can set it up to do a lot of things. You can access it through ‘settings/Ease of Access/Narrator’. Quite a lot of options, it will take some studying to figure out what is possible. You might want to take a look at other options in the ‘Ease of Access’ section too.
Good Luck!

Oops, my previous reply was for text-to speech, not Speech-to-Text, sorry, I replied too quickly.
However, on the same Ease of Access page, there is a ‘Speech’ option, which should allow you to dictate text.
If you speak either English (any flavour /flavor), Japanese, French, German, Mandarin or Spanish, that is.
See also: Here (link)
Good luck again!