Work Flow [how to move a project]

I did a search on this subject with convoluted or dated results. It’s a simple question. Most of the results involved a long story, that I gave up on.

I’d like to change my default file on launching the software from C drive, to a D drive. How do I do that? The only thing I found in the manual was how to back up. Is this linked to last backup location?

If what you mean is that you’d like to relocate a project, just close Scrivener and relocate the .scriv folder of your project.
Then, manually open the said project once by double-clicking on the project file (.scrivx), and that is it.

The default is to open whatever you had open when you closed Scrivener in the last session, but there is no default location. You can relocate in a couple ways:

  1. close Scrivener, open File Explorer, find the .scriv project folder (not the .scrivx file), and copy or move the folder from the old location to the new one. That’s a system operation, nothing to do with Scrivener at all.

  2. in Scrivener, go to File▸Save As… and tell Scrivener to save a copy at the new location.

Don’t use Save As frequently or for trivial reasons. It makes a copy of the project each, and letting copies proliferate will get you confused as to what copy is current, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Thanks!! Good to go.

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