Work-flow with figures and Papers2 for Mac?

Hi all,

I just discovered something very inconvenient situation that I was hoping that someone would be able to help me out of. Here are the key points in my situation:

  1. I have a paper with figures in it that I would like to send to my co-author for comments, suggestsion and edits. I realise that with me using Scrivener, I would have to process edits manually, but I’m ok with that.

  2. I use Papers2 for reference management. This software works for RTF files for formating references, but I cannot get it to work for RTFD for some reason. I just don’t get the menu.

Any ideas on how to get my scrivener text + figures into (e.g. Word) so that I can use Papers2 to process references before I send it off?

I appreciate all the help I can get!


Hi Fredrik,

I may not understand the issue properly, sorry - is there any reason you can’t export to RTF? I’m not sure why you are using RTFD at all.

All the best,


Well, I don’t get any pictures then. Just the figure captions :slight_smile:
Do they have to be in a certain format to fit get exported in an RTF compile?


You should be getting figures with RTF in Word. Have you tried opening a Scrivener RTF in Word yet? Note that if you try to open it in the Mac’s TextEdit that won’t work; it’s a pretty simple program that doesn’t really handle all of the RTF specification, but if you try in a word processor that is better at handling RTF it should be working. If you don’t have Word at your disposal, try That’s free, and does a pretty good job.


Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I have opened my file in Word, and I can see my figures then. However, when I reformat that RTF within Word (to get references displayed properly) I get no pictures again. :slight_smile: I know this must be a Papers2’s problem, but it’s still odd.

Similarly, if I compile to RTF and open it up in TextEdit, I get a file that I can process references for. However, in the new saved file, I get no figures again when I open it up in Word, so I guess the processing made by Pages2 does something to figures. (The same thing happens in Pages actually, so this seems general).

It seems that the best workflow for me now is to mark all documents with a figure in them with a separate label, and then process the document in two goes - one for formatting references and one with pifcures in it - and then combine them.

Or, am I doing something wrong?

Yeah, it does sound to me as though Papers is discarding graphics in the file, but I haven’t yet heard anything of this limitation. You might want to contact them and see if perhaps there is something that can be adjusted in Papers to change what is happening.