Work saved into beta version usable in windows 1.0 too?

I’m loving the beta version. Before I go any further with my work and really dig into a project in this I would like to know if the work I do can be put back into the windows 1.0 if windows 3.0 never sees completion? Can I just copy and paste the binder contents or even just open a beta project in windows 1.0? Also, when 3.0 is finished will the beta automatically update into that with work intact?

I’m saving my work OFTEN but I wanted to make sure.


If you have them both installed on the same computer, you can fire them u p side by side then cut and paste documents between them.

If you have access to a Mac, you can use the Mac 3.0 version (trial version works fine) to export your project back to v2 version that the Windows 1.9.16 version will work with.