Work vanished from Scrivener although metadata there

My laptop failed and I had to upload Scrivener onto a new one. I saved my project to Dropbox and Onedrive but when I downloaded Scrivener and the project on my new laptop all the files showed up - but without my work in it. The metadata is there (showing where every chapter was created and last edited) but no words. Help! I’ve emailed L&L twice and had no reply. What could have happened? How can I get my novel back?

Welcome to the Forum. Most probably you have an incomplete sync. With Dropbox. I don’t know about Microsoft OneDrive. Nothing to do with Scrivener, other than the app expects the entire project to have all files local and “immediately available”.

See Using Scrivener with Cloud-Sync Services / Cloud Syncing / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support and How to make files and folders available offline - Dropbox Help

Now that you have experienced a laptop failure, if you have not done already, it is more than prudent to ensure you have a proper (and tested) backup regime that backs-up your entire machine. Dropbox and other sync services, including Microsoft OneDrive, are NOT backups. Dropbox now has a new backup service which you may consider to backup your Scrivener backup folder which I recommend you have installed on your local device.

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