Work Vanishing that had saved previously [ADDRESSED]

I read the thread on the issues with saving after some of my work disappeared and although this is happening with me there is also something else happening too.

When I opened Scrivener this morning I checked my work from yesterday. It was all there (apart from two sections that I knew about that had vanished last night). I started typing new content in a different section, then saved. Went back to look at something I had typed up yesterday and there was a blank page. Checked my other work that had been there when I opened Scrivener this morning and viola it was gone too.

I hadn’t closed and re-opened the programme this work had just vanished whilst I was typing in new content.

What beta version are you using. Beta 023 was released today that should hopefully solve this issue.

Let me know if this happens after you update to 023.

This was an issue in 022. The only other time I’ve seen anything like this is with a shared dropbox where several users are working on a project at the same time.


Help!!! I’m on 0.22 and I’ve just lost over 3,000 words that I had saved multiple times. Scrivener crashed and when I re-opened it my whole day’s work was gone.

I DID save but I didn’t take snapshots or do a ‘save back up’ because I wasn’t finished for the day.

Is there any way I can recover these 3,000+ words??



Hi Lee

No shared drop box in this instance but 0.23 seems to have solved the issue. Did a lot of work yesterday and all saved with no problems. Opened Scrivener this morning and all my work is still there. :smiley:

Hi Phillipa

I have only just started using Scrivener so I am not completely up to speed with it yet, others may be able to offer you some advice with regards to the loss of your work.

All I can suggest is do backups regularly whilst Scrivener is still in Beta and download version 0.23 as this version appears to have fixed the saving bug.

Sorry to hear you lost work. :cry:

Thanks. I have changed versions now and am taking snapshots and back-ups galore! Also closing Scrivener myself at regular intervals - it was losing work after saving then crashing so I figure if I close it myself and then re-open it, the program will ‘save’ from that point!

I’m new to Scrivener too, but found older versions and templates easier to work than the last few versions. Or maybe it’s just the template I’ve chosen!


Just to further add on to this, after backing up (because this is still beta), you should also verify the backup.

At the moment, if you’re not already aware, the zip function of the backup has problems in 023 (see Backup files not working BETA 2.3[LOGGED]), so right now, if you do back up, just back up unzipped… and again, open it just to verify everything’s ok should you need it.

New here, first post.

I began using Scrivener on Windows XP during March 2011 (I neither like nor trust Vista or Win 7). I too had lost data (somewhat frustratingly), although I upgraded at the weekend.

I write television screenplay and am also a developer with over 40 years development experience (30 years + in business too). So some hopefully helpful dual perspective comments for the development team.

First, any computer system that “loses” saved data is not at beta test stage. File system integrity should occur at development stage. I lost data with the 0.23 release and suffered repeated Scrivener crashes. Each loss and crash reported qtgui4.dll, a module within the “cutie” development framework core (note that Nokia sold Qt during March). It occurs to me that this type of crash frequently happens with memory block boundary overrun – if so here, ouch!

Second, take a look at the main point of branding for Scrivener – the website. Explain to yourself how to properly upgrade Scrivener for Windows from the home page! Could do with additional links, yes?

Sounds negative but if I didn’t like the product so much I wouldn’t bother. Given that Scrivener has application in many spheres (SCRUM and marketing, for example), perhaps a good idea to fully fix crucial issues like the above two? Before an industry reporter rips it to shreds.

The Help->Check for updates menu item does not offer any suggestion that conducting complete removal of a “beta” product that causes loss of saved files before upgrading is absolutely essential. Personally, I’d remove beta software that causes data loss or memory crash of any kind. Then reset the system. Then install a new version. Then pray – a lot: that potential consequences for other data will not materialise.

It’s a brilliant product! I’d like to recommend but too early for Windows for now.

BTW, wrote this and phpBB logged me out before submitting. Lucky I saved elsewhere first!

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the feedback. We did not take it as negative.

In the last 6 months of beta testing and after 12 beta releases, beta 022 was the first not save data to disk (although I myself was not able to duplicate it - which made it even harder to detect and eventually fix the issue). This bug was due to performance enhancements we made. It was simply a mistake which we have now addressed with beta 023 and are certainly not happy about.

I have documented your other points - thank you.