Work wiped out

Here’s a pretty serious bug: Two novels just disappeared. I shut down the computer (MacBookPro) and the next day they were both wiped out. Fortunately, I had exported both of them, but I still had a lot of editing to do, and now I’m not sure I trust Scriv to hold them again.

Could you be a bit more specific on what you mean by them getting “wiped out” or having “just disappeared?” Does that mean they did not auto-load for you on start-up, that they disappeared from the Recent Items menu, that they are not in the folder where you thought they were, are not in the system Trash, and/or do not appear in Spotlight when searching for them?

Yes, definitely a lot more info is required here. For instance, was Scrivener open when you shut down the machine? What exactly did you do before you noticed they were missing? Have you done a Spotlight search on “.scriv” to check they are not on your machine anywhere at all? The only thing in Scrivener that could wipe out a project (a serious bug recently discovered in 1.11 that is fixed for the next update) is in the very rare event that you do a Backup To, uncheck the “zip” option, and save the back up over the open project with the same name. That is the only instance a project could get wiped that I know of… I have seen some lost data in cases of external hard drive problems, but never a completely wiped project, and there is nothing in Scrivener in terms of code that would say, “delete this project”. So as much information as you can provide, including the run up to the loss of files and what you have done to recover them, would be much appreciated - please read the post at the top of this forum about “How to report bugs” for more information should you require it.
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Sorry I didn’t report this the correct way. This is what I can tell you. The stories were on the 1.12 beta and I shut down the program as I was about to shut down the computer. The next day when I turned the computer on and started Scriv, both stories were missing in their entirety. One person had been on the computer in the meantime to access the browser, but that person probably does not have the knowledge to access the stories, let alone the knowledge to delete them. I am not sure how to simply delete them.

I have been able to piece the novels back together from the backups, but I am still at a loss to explain what happened to them on Scrivener. That is all I know and it is all I can tell you. I am grateful for the backup.

When you say the stories were on the beta version, do you mean you had both stories in one project file, and that this project file had an empty Binder (or at least parts of it missing) when you returned?

Keep in mind, Scrivener uses project files to store projects. You can have dozens of projects on your hard drive and only one or two open at once. Thus the questions regarding whether or not Spotlight can locate any .scriv files. If you have been going about using Scrivener as if it were a database and the one project you had set up was what you associated with as being “on Scrivener,” and suddenly for some reason that file no longer auto-loaded, it could appear as though your stories had disappeared, but in fact they are safely in your Documents folder (or somewhere), and just need to be opened like an ordinary file.

If however, the symptoms are more like the first line, and your project is now empty when it shouldn’t be, that is another issue entirely, and there might still be a way to recover your data if that is the case. It’s difficult to diagnose and recommend recover steps for you at this point though, until it is determined what you mean by these stories having disappeared.