Work with PDFs dragged into text editor

If I drag a PDF into the text editor (as opposed to dragging it into the Binder), I cannot work on it (e.g. Open in External Editor, etc.). Is there any way to “recover” the PDF…dragging the embedded item in the text editor into the Binder doesn’t work (just creates another document with an embedded PDF), CTRL-click does nothing, etc. so it seems like the PDF is “lost”. Searching through the project package reveals an RTFD package, which in turn contains the PDF, so I know that the original file is there. So is there any way to get Scrivener to handle it directly…or do I need to (a) find my embedded PDFs by hand and (b) remember not to drag PDFs into the text area in future?


As far as I know, yes what you have discovered already are the limitations of that method. Some people like it because they can place their comments between PDFs, but otherwise it’s not very good for portability or getting at the source PDF. Best thing you can do is export the RTFD whenever you come across one, and then extract the PDF from the exported version and drag it into the Binder normally. You can double-click PDFs to open them in TextEdit, but this doesn’t work in Scrivener for some reason. If you don’t know where they are, they might be difficult to find since they are not indexed. But, you could export all of the RTFDs and then sort by size in Finder. The ones with embedded content should float up to the top.