Workable without wifi?

Aside from synching… Can I use Scrivener without wifi? I mean… if I’m in an open field, miles from wifi, can I still open Scrivener, create, write and save?!

HAPPY NEW YEAR one and all!

By WiFi do you mean any wireless connectivity/internet connection?

If so then yes, it’s absolutely usable. It’s a proper app, not an online app (like Google Docs or something).

Just make sure you do sync up (if you’re using a mobile device) before reopening on desktop when you’re back home. It’s not a disaster if things aren’t synced up in the right order, but you may get a few Sync Conflicts to sift through later on.

Yes… thanks for making that clear! As in Google Docs… Thanks for answering!

No, not at all like Google Docs!