[Workaround] Change fullscreen colors on Windows

Since the fullscreen option seems to be the most important feature for many users I figured it might be of interest to know that, yes, it is fully possible to change the colors of the sheet and the font to your liking. Even if it’s not included in the beta yet.

The key to doing this is using the built-in theme feature in Windows. It allows you to change all your system colors as long as you use the classical themes. What you want to do to get the effect in my screenshot is to right-click on the desktop, choose “Properties” and navigate to the “Apperance” tab. Choose “Windows Classic Style” and press the “Advanced” button. Here you change “Window text” and “Window” color. Click “OK”, go to the “Themes” tab and click “Save as…”. Give the theme a name and switch themes back and forth between the one you want for the most part, and the one you want when using Scrivener in fullscreen.

You’ll also need to change the background color in fullscreen mode in Scrivener, and this can be done under “Edit” -> “Options” -> “Appearance” -> “Views” -> “FullScreen Background” and pressing + choosing the color by clicking the button with the circle inside a square. Press “OK” twice.

Happy typing!

Nice “hack”, Batni. :slight_smile:

It will be nice when that line can be removed along the border, but otherwise this is great for those that want a classic “terminal” look right now.

Brilliant - staring at a white blank page gets a bit tedious after a time. Now a change of colour may get more juices going ! :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion - changing the background was one of the first things I looked for when I loaded the first beta…