??Workaround for Importing FreeMind outline into Scrivener

1st, Thanks for all your hard work. After downloading the trial I immediately purchased the license.
The BIG THING that attracted me to Scrivener is the possibility of taking a mindmap from FreeMind and incorporating it into Chapters in the “Binder” section. I think this is actually revolutionary for those of us visually-oriented thinkers. MAC users have had this ability for years with Scrivener for MACs…

I understand that OPML is custom for MAC’s, and may be awkward to adapt for Windows, but being a mod of basic XML, as I understand, it shouldn’t be megalithic to code.

FreeMind is a free open-source popular active project at SourceForge and is worthy to be “yokable” to Scrivener IMHO. FM currently exports to HTML, XHTML, and OpenOfficeWriterDocument among those that seem useful.

Is there someway I can export my FM outlines to Scrivener using an intermediate step?
From reading the forums others think this is important as well.

Hi, I downloaded and used fm after reading this post. What I found you can do is save the file from fm as a pdf and then import the pdf This will give you visual (non collapsible)

Trying to make folders and files, I saved it as an .odt
Cut and pasted from word, and then went through using the cut key to make files and folders from the text.

I tried using the html file, but could not figure out how to edit these files. I will start another thread asking how to edit such files after import.
This was probably not what you were looking for, but might give you an idea for a workaround.
Would love to know if you have found another.

I work with Xmind, which imports FreeMind maps, and so possibly is similar. It lets you view your mind-map as an indented outline. To copy the structure of the map as an indented outline, you select the central idea (Title of Story) then Ctrl + C then Ctrl + v in .rtf, or word document. I then drag that .rtf into Scriver, and use Ctrl + Shift + K to break each step into its own file. It’s a bit clunky, but works fine for me, since it’s not a daily exercise-- typically, I work on the outline of the story for a month or so in Xmind, and then import the outline and start writing. The changes that I make subsequent to import are generally pretty easy to duplicate manually. I keep a link to the xmind file in my scrivener file for easy reference. :slight_smile:

Thanx for the great tip; I’ve never used X-Mind before but will give it a try!
Since you like it, I’ll take a look. BUT Hold the Presses! OMG! Looks like Lee has released Beta that will import OPML & *.mm files from FreeMind! Keeping fingers crossed…Premature thanks Lee!

Thanks for the heads up! Can’t wait to try. :slight_smile: