Workarounds for giving a document multiple “labels”?

I’m revising a novel on iPad OS. As I structure and reorder things, I like to be able to keep track of the themes/ideas that come up in each document - multiple per document, meaning that I like to be able to assign multiple “labels” or colors to each document. (Not to get into the weeds, but this helps me cycle fluidly between different kinds of scenes, and I also find it really helps me organize my thoughts visually.)

When I used to use Mac, I had figured out how to do this through some kind of custom metadata, since Scrivener seems to only allow one label per doc. Are there any similar workarounds you guys have found on iOS that allow you to essentially have multiple labels applied to each document? Or have you figured out a similar situation?

To anyone from Scrivener looking at this, I would really love the ability to have multiple labels for a document, which could show up as colored dots in the binder, for example.

Many thanks!

There is unfortunately no support for keywords or custom metadata in the iOS version, which is how you would typically handle more detailed tracking of information. If still have access to a Mac, you could temporarily jot down additional keywords in an area like the synopsis, using a comma-separated list, which could then be cut and pasted into the Keywords table to separate them out into individual keywords. But if you’re just using a tablet these days, you would perhaps have to do something similar and rely on text searches.