Workflow and apps for Windows + iPad

First, my apologies, because I know this topic is covered a lot, but my multiple searches have only led to confusing and old answers.

I’m on a PC, using the trial software, and want to figure out how to ALSO work on my iPad. I would like to be able to add new content and edit existing content, as well as see the file organization (ideally) on both platforms.

I do have dropbox, and have no problem saving as, making sure sync is complete, etc. etc. etc. It seems like the missing piece is figuring out which iPad app will play best with the Scrivener folder/files from Dropbox.

Suggestions? Can someone who uses a Windows laptop and an iPad interchangeably (my laptop has crap battery so I like to be able to take the iPad when I’m out of the house) give me an example of their workflow?

Thank you!

After hours of searching and experimenting, I probably came up with what AmberV was trying to describe forever. Thought I’d share in case I wasn’t the only one looking for a Windows <- -> iPad solution.

First of all, I did NOT find a way to actually sync/update live, which is what I was hoping for. Saving my Scrivener project into Dropbox doesn’t work because nothing reads the Scrivener files correctly that way (from what I can tell.)

What I CAN do is create a project on Scrivener and export the entire manuscript/draft to Dropbox at the end of a writing session. Then, I can open Textilus on my iPad, make sure it’s linked to Dropbox, and easily search for any files within chapters/folders that I want to work on.

The next time I am on my laptop, I need to open the Scrivener project and import any files I changed from the Textilus folder on Dropbox. The title is the same so I’ll have duplicate text files, and I can easily delete the old version.

It’s clunky, and doesn’t let me work on the structure/organization from the iPad, but does let me at least easily find different parts I might want to work on.

Its seems so basic - Scivenier is basically a Mac app - so why doens’ it run on the ipad

I hoped this was a solution - using plaintext to edit on the iPad side - but the Plaintext app just crashes when I copy the sciv folder into my dropbox folder

OK I think the Plaintext app was crashing because I had ( symob in the file name. It’s no longer crashing but can’t reader the sciv file either.

I can export to a text file (once I realise I had to set the option for text encoding not in the compile function but in the project opitons) - but it’s hardly a pretty situation.

Anyone got an update on when there is going to be an iOS app?