Workflow Q - Scrivener + BibTeX > pdf/rtf?

Hi All,

Have been trawling through the forums and and the plethora of blogs to learn about workflows for academic writing using Scrivener (for windows), but am yet to find an effective way to utilise Mendeley within this process.

This is holidng me back from diving into Scrivener, which I feel has a lot of promise, but I wanted to ask re. advice on using a BibTeX file as part of the compiling through Scrivener.

Before finding Scrivener, I had tried out using MultiMarkdown and pandoc but wasn’t able to get it to look ‘presentable’. I was able to process my .md file using a specified BibTeX file to get my .pdf, I wondered if there is a way of sending a file exported from Scrivener through pandoc to add the bibliography and citation? Ideally while retaining visuals (some great templates on Scrivener!).

Example pandoc code:

pandoc --filter pandoc-citeproc --bibliography bibtex\library.bib C1-Introduction\ -o Background.pdf

Thanks for any help!