Workflow question - storing project files

I’m curious as to where people store their project files.

I’m new to Scrivener, long, long time user of Word. My file system pre-Scrivener was set up thus:



Novel 1
Novel 2
Novel 3


Because I have 20 years of writing in all those folders I’m really trying think carefully before I start moving all my stuff into Scrivener. So far I’ve only moved in the current novel-in-progress and I’ve stored the Scriver project file in the WIP folder. Since my brain is used to navigating the Windows structure when looking to open files that seems to make sense but I am learning to ask questions before I get in too deeply.

So question #1 - Can anyone see any problem with me storing my Scrivener files in this way?
Question #2 - If this isn’t a good way to structure things going forward, what might you suggest?

Thank you.

Hey, if it works for you, go for it. Keep in mind that Scrivener files under windows/Linux are actual files, not a different type of structure, like on the mac. Don’t ever store anything in a Scrivener project file that Scrivener didn’t already put there, and you should be OK. Scrivener doesn’t particularly care where you store a file, so long as you’ve got rights to that disc or directory.

Sure, you can store Scrivener projects wherever you like. As garpu noted, though, just don’t put anything else inside the project folder.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing a mass move into Scrivener, though. I’d wait until I actively wanted to work on a particular piece. Reason being that the conversion process is one of the areas where new users tend to have trouble, so doing it a little bit at a time would minimize frustration at a time when you’re still learning how to use Scrivener at all.


Thank you both very much.

I just wanted to make sure there weren’t any gotchas that jumped out because I know when I have a habit, I tend to have tunnel vision. :unamused: If all my project are in Windows folder by the project/novel name, with Scrivener folders inside of that, I’m good.

I’ve only imported the current WIP so far and it went fine. Since it’s a novel-in-verse I just used a blank document, imported the whole thing and then went through and hit cntrl-k to break it all apart at each poem. Easy peasy.

I am tempted to convert a bunch of stuff but I know that is mostly just procrastination starting. I’m good at that. So instead I started a RTM list of the various projects I wanted to import, eventually.

I am loving this program so much.

Now if I could just get past my obsession of playing with the corkboard and actually writing!

Thanks again.

But playing with the corkboard is writing!

At least that’s what I tell myself when I do it… :blush:


One of the betas would crash Steam, if it was running. (both running via WINE in separate wineprefixes.) I was told that was a productivity feature. :wink:

garpu - ha!

Katherine, I am so obsessed with the corkboard that I spent the weekend Googling Scrivener corkboards just to see photos (which led to blogs which led to reading) of other people’s corkboards just so I would know I wasn’t alone in my obsession!