Workflow question (tags, keywords, labels..)

Hi all,
Playing with Scrivener and liking it very much so far. Here’s my issue:

I am working on my dad’s life stories, which are smaller or larger sections of text. They are poorly written, meaning they need spellchecking, grammar checking, and then content editing.

Is there a handy way, say with “tags”, “keywords” or otherwise, to mark pieces in a way that when I look at the corkboard view I can see at a glance what stage they are in… I love the labeling, but the problem is it only allows for one watermarked label per card. I think I want something that I can see that it’s been spellchecked AND content checked, or any combination of the above…

Hope some saavy users can help me out…

Yes, assuming you are upgraded to 2.0 that is. When you create keywords for a document, you might notice they all have a colour automatically assigned to them. You can change this by double-clicking on the colour chip either right there, or in the Keywords HUD later. This will be used on the side of the index card in corkboard view, if you have View/Corkboard/Show Keyword Colors turned on. In effect, this gives you multiple labels.

You can also enable the Keywords column in outliner, which will print out the keyword and underscore it in that colour.

What about keywords? Keywords can have colours assigned to them, and these colours can appear on the right edge of the card (you can choose how many colours appear). So if you could use some easily-recognisable colours (e.g. red for spell-checked, green for grammar-checked and so on), that might work. (When you mouse over the keyword colour chips, a tool tip tells you what the keyword associated with teh colour is, too.)

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EDIT: It looks like Ioa has beaten me to it with the same suggestion!

Thanks folks. Great ideas. Now I just have to figure out how to set keywords! :slight_smile:

You’ll want to open up the Inspector (the blue ‘i’ button in the toolbar). This shows detailed meta-data information about whatever document you are currently editing or viewing. In the bottom of this, you’ll see a little Key icon. Click that button and you’ll get an empty table. Just click the + button to add a new keyword and start typing. Once you add a keyword, it will be added to the project’s central keyword repository, which can be viewed in Windows/Keywords HUD. You can also create new keywords here as well, and then drag them out to the keyword table to assign them to documents. Once you add a keyword, it will use auto-complete while typing in the future. So you don’t have to worry about typing them in perfectly every single time. Or you can also use the little “gear” menu beside the + and - buttons to add existing keywords with a menu.

Since showing Keyword Colors on index cards is enabled by default, if you are clicking on cards in the corkboard and editing them in the inspector, you should see their associated colour pop up immediately as you add them.