Workflow with Blogger question

Thank you for developing this wonderful software, it means a great deal to me.

However there’s still one thing I can’t figure out, when it comes
to working with blogger.

I’m trying to get a compiled work with hyperlinks transferred to blogger but in all my attempts I never get the links to open in a new window once they’re in Blogger.

I’m using MultiMarkdown language in scrivener using reference-style links to keep te document tidy but I can’t figure out how to add the target="_blank" command.

The workflow that works best for me now: Compile from Scrivener as a MultiMarkdown webpage. Open it in TextMate, add the target="_blank" commands in the HTML and than copy to Blogger.

Can’t imagine it can’t be doen easier.

MultiMarkdown has a system for adding additional attributes to a hyperlink, when using the referenced notation that you are already using. It is very simple:

[code]This is a link that forces the user to open a [new window].

[new window]: target="_blank"

This will produce resulting HTML:

<p>This is a link that forces the user to open a <a href="" target="_blank">new window</a>.</p>

Moderator Note: moved to MultiMarkdown forum since this isn’t a Scrivener issue.