Workflows for comparing comments done in Word

Does anyone have a good workflow for bringing in comments from a Word document into a novel with multiple scenes per chapter?

I believe snapshots is the key, but when I tried to import the Word file with comments, the scenes didn’t correspond. Breaking the imported file into scenes with the same names didn’t work (although it was a joy to see all of those comments come in).

I’d love to have a better method than trying to switch between Word and Scrivener.

Thanks to anyone who is more clever about this than I am

There are several techniques, here are a couple that I have tried (although keep in mind it is 12 months since I did this regularly):

The first, and most common, method I used was to import the commented Word document into my Scrivener Research folder. I would then either use split screen or a QuickReference window to have it open beside my main text. This would allow me to compare revisions with the original and make any changes and also see the comments made.

If, for whatever reason, it was important for me to be able to see the changes the in commented document using Word’s track changes feature, then I would print the document to PDF showing all changes. I would then use the same procedure as above but with the PDF instead of the Word document. This was very helpful in showing comments, plus changes, in an easy to see visual style.

Since I use full-screen Compose mode a lot to reduce distractions, I rearranged the way I had my text displayed. Instead of being centred, I placed it to the left of screen. This then freed up space on the right for QuickReference windows when revising. I found this to be a very effective and efficient way of operating.

Thanks, Nom. That sounds like a great solution. Ideally, I’d like something where I see the comments in direct parallel to to my text, but your work around is a huge improvement over flipping between Scrivener and Word.

Of course, if I didn’t use funky fonts that my readers don’t have, I could have two identically formatted documents to look at. But that would make things simple (up until I went to lay things out, at least) :stuck_out_tongue:

I just tried this technique and it solves my problem entirely. With a split view, I can see the comments in the critique while viewing my scenes. Thanks again