Working directly with the files in the .scriv package

Is this possible, without messing things up?

I only want to add to rtf files, not touch anything else.

Also, is there a way to get at the internal file number of each entry?

The short answer is, don’t.

The prelude to a longer answer is a question. What are you trying to do?


Exactly. The only reason Scrivener uses lots of RTFD files inside the package is for ultra-safety, so that as a writer you know they are accessible if, for some inexplicable and unlikely reason, all copies of Scrivener suddenly disappear from every hard drive simultaneously. But just as it wouldn’t be a good idea to open a .doc file in a text editor and start typing in the gibberish binary stuff, neither would it be a good idea to edit the internal files of a .scriv project. A definite side effect is that the search feature wouldn’t find anything you added “behind Scrivener’s back”, as it were, because every time Scrivener saves, it synchronises a binderStrings.xml file with the text content of the RTFD files (search and Spotlight just use that XML file to locate text, which is much more efficient than trawling through every RTFD file). There is also the risk that you could mess any annotations, footnotes and Scrivener links up, too. Nothing that is too destructive, but enough to make your project work a little oddly. So, it is strongly recommended and there is most likely a better solution to whatever you are trying to do - which is why dafu asked what you are trying to do.
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The idea is that I would sync these files with rtf/d files on a portable device, making a very good solution for the road. I would strictly only add plain text to the end of each note. I am not worried about messing up the searching, which I do not use much, but messing up links etc. would be bad. I understand I use Scriv differently from many; for me portability is important - my work is heavily research based, om many platforms and devices.