Working Draft: Apply formatting preferences for just a highlighted Word


I am completely new to Scrivener but already worked through the whole Getting Started Tutorial and have a rough overview. Now I tried for like an hour format single Parts of my document and won’t get it right.

What I want to do: As I write a Wordpress tutorial, I want parts of the flowing text to be formatted different to highlight them e.g. as “folder” or “code”. So I wrote a sentence and highlighted a word, set the font and accent color and then chose “Format/Formatting/New Preference from Selection” I use Scrivener in german so here is a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 07.32.50.png
I saved the formatting for further use and my highlighted word now already has this setting - worked fine.

BUT if I now highlight another word or part of a paragraph and choose the new formatting preference from the dialog it will always apply to the whole paragraph the cursor is in.

What is the right way to have a pre setting that I can reuse for single highlighted parts of the text? And if possible (which I hope) will those seperatley formatted parts be overidden if I would change e.g. the global font for the text when I compile the draft?

Thanks a lot…


The reason it’s affecting the entire paragraph is that you have created it as a paragraph preset. You need to create a character preset to affect only the selection. You can choose between the two types using the pop-up button:

The font will indeed be overridden when you Compile, if you choose to override the font.

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Hey Keith,

thanks a lot for your reply, your answer is exactly what solved my 2 problems.

Best, Sarah