Working for a long time in outline form

Hi, When I write, I tend to spend a lot of time in the outline – starting very schematically and then filling it with more and more information until it gradually becomes a rough draft. With its headings/synopses outline method, Scrivener is just super for this. Brilliant for me. But I have a little annoying problem that I’m hoping someone might be able to help me with. I work with my outline active in both work spaces – on the left I have it with the synopses shown, and on the right I have it with the synopses hidden. That setup works great. I can keep the overall project direction clear and flexible on the right side, while simultaneously I can grow the synopses on the left. Ideal, almost. Here’s the little annoyance. Whenever I click on the right hand worksheet (the one with the closed synopses) the outline with the open synopses goes absolutely blank. In order to revive it, I have to reselect the folder in the binder. Am I missing something? Shouldn’t it be possible to keep both sides visible all the time?


Check but the button at the bottom of the outliner with the image of the two arrows on it. If those arrows are blue, that means the outliner is set up to affect the other editor - in other words, clicking on an item in that outliner will open the selected document in the other editor. It sounds like this is what has happened. So, if those arrows are blue, just click that button again to turn this feature off.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

I’ve never seen that behavior.
Could be because I work in just the opposite way:
Binder on the left, Inspector on the right.
Have you tried it that way?

Thanks Keith!
Just that simple. I de-selected the blue icon on the right side and now it works perfectly. Thanks very much.